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Vegan Restaurants and Shops in Lincoln

Restaurants: There are no exclusively vegan restaurants in Lincoln sadly therefore it puts us in a difficult postition of recommending non-vegan restaurants. However we do know that people have to go out and sometimes dont want to travel to Nottingham or further to get a vegan meal. The restaurants/cafe's below know what veganism is and are able to cater for vegans.

Pimentos vegetarian tea shop- 26/27 Steep Street,they are only open during the day. They do some (small) meals and cakes, they always have vegan options well labeled. They do a great selection of teas and coffee and have soya milk avaliable.

The Healthy Hub-  Beaumont Fee,Ln11uw. They do serve meat and dairy but always have meals that are labled as vegan and have soya milk. They employ people who may otherwise have difficulties finding or maintaining a job. This may be for a variety of reasons but could be as a result of social stigmas, mental health difficulties, a physical disability or other long term medical condition.

The Tower Hotel-38 Westgate, Lincoln LN1 3BD. They can do some good vegan food with notice, we are always offered choices of 3 starters,3 mains and 3 deserts. We have always been impressed.

Health Food Shops

Gaia Heath Foods- Central Market, Sincil Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK, LN5 7ET. They have a great selection of vegan products and are knowledgable about what they sell. They do sell honey but that seems to be the only any product,do check.

Greens Health Shop- 175 High Street,Lincoln LN5 7AF. Not vegan so make sure to label read carefully. They do a good selection of vitamins and some vegan cheeses and mock meats along with a few other things.

Hollands and Barretts- 319 High Street, Lincoln LN5 7DW. Again not vegan. They sell a good selections of vitamins,whole foods, some processed vegan food and vegan items.

Vegan Lembas Food Co-op- contact us as we run a non profit co-op where you can get bulk products for wholesale prices. www.lembas.co.uk