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The Species Barrier #43 Podcast

Sociologist Roger Yates is back to review recent films Carnage and What The Health, we also take the opportunity to look back over other animal rights/vegan documentaries. Roger also rants about reducetarianism.

We were visited by Nick (another sociologist!) and Katie, hosts of Progressive Podcast Australia so we had them come by the studio for a chat on environmentalism, veganism etc.

In the news Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris climate agreement and Bristol VegFest came to an end with this year's event.

Renaissance Roger. Lifetime achievement award for 5-a-side service.
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Nick and Katie of PPA hit up the UK on their vacay.


The Species Barrier #42 Podcast & Show Notes

We welcome back Sandra Higgins, psychologist and founder of the Go Vegan World advertising campaign and Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary.

Guest bioethicist Travis Rieder asks should we be having children in the age of climate change?

Also 2016 was another year of record temperatures, previous guest Simon Amstell has a vegan film coming out on BBC iPlayer and just how much Arctic ice melt is our carbon footprint responsible for?

Go Vegan World: Taking it to the masses

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Travis Rieder: Should we be adding new humans into our climate predicament?

Show Notes:
Simon Amstell's Carnage http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04sh6zg
Go Vegan World https://goveganworld.com/
Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary http://edenfarmedanimalsanctuary.com/
Travis Rieder bio http://www.bioethicsinstitute.org/people/travis-n-rieder
Arctic Ice Melt per person  https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/nov/03/your-carbon-footprint-destroys-30-square-metres-of-arctic-sea-ice-a-year


The Species Barrier #41 Podcast

Episode 41, we speak to Josie from the Vervet Monkey Foundation on their conservation work in South Africa, and why they promote veganism play back an archive interview regarding Donald Trump's Aberdeen golf course development and Lincoln Animal Rights discuss their dairy campaigns. We also look back on the Go Vegan World promotional events in Birmingham.

Vervet Monkeys inspect the strange fur-free visage of their primate cousin.

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Donald's golf course was built on top of Sand dunes classified as SSSIs


The Species Barrier #40 Podcast

Episode 40 of The Species Barrier....Part two of our interview with Karen I Shragg, author of Moving Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, in her book Karen challenges everyone from green organisations to politicians to deal with a key causal issue instead of the symptoms.

We discuss the development of The Lawns complex in Lincoln and the continual loss of remaining green spaces. We speak to Pete who is a local man who has a deep attachment to the site and the wild animals who live there.

Also, in the news we are permanently beyond 400ppm and in the wake of such stark facts ethicists ask should we reproduce in an era of such inevitable climate change? Bees become an endangered species, and 10% of remaining wilderness lost since 1993.

The Lawns of Lincoln. This area is now covered in concrete.

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Move Upstream: Karen Shragg Rocks!